Welcome to my humble blog!

You can call me Miss Phillips.

I am beginning my studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am seeking a degree in Secondary Education: Mathematics while, during my spare time, working as a substitute teacher for a nearby school district.

Just over a year ago, I never would have expected to be scoring consecutive grades of 4.0 in math. I always believed that it was my weakest subject. Now, I realize that all I need is confidence, support, and dedication in order to succeed- not just in math but with any challenge I face. I realized that I needed to become my #1 supporter, a realization which has completely influenced the ways I think of myself as both a professional and an individual. It is a change that was long past-due, and one of the best changes I have ever made.

And about a month from today, despite a long-time struggle in the subject, I am thoroughly excited to commence working towards a career in teaching math to students like me. It is my hope to inspire confidence in all the students I will teach; not just confidence in their math abilities, but in all areas of their lives. I want to be one of many who will teach them that, with enough hard work and passion, they can achieve things they might never before have imagined of their selves.

Thank you for your time!

– Miss P.

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