Getting Back to It..!


Wow, have I been gone a long time.

Fortunately, I’m finally back. I have been going through some pretty big life changes and have needed some time to nurture myself and become the best possible version of myself.

I’m still substitute teaching at the same local middle school; however, my position has changed a lot. I am now primarily a small-group resource teacher. This means that, while the classroom teacher guides their lesson, I quietly work with individuals and groups who need that something extra to further aid in their understanding. I love it because it allows me to accomplish so much more, and with the students who likely need it most no less!

I’m also neck-deep in my college courses, namely Calculus 2. I am absolutely struggling with this one, but not for lack of effort (except, perhaps, very recently). It is my hope that, by keeping myself reflecting on this blog, I’ll also be keeping my eyes on the finish line: Completing my math education major and becoming a highly progressive teacher.

My second major course is primarily focused on inquiry-based learning and lesson-planning for the middle school level. One thing I already know for sure: Planning an engaging  math lesson for middle school students with a mere 43-minute class-period is the ultimate challenge!

I’m learning more every day, and I will continue throughout the entirety of my life.

5E Model Graphic 2

The 5E Model, which is the foundation upon which I am building my future career as an educator.




Miss Phillips

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