Back at it again!

Greetings to the zero readers who will probably happen upon this!

I am very proud to announce that I recently passed Calculus 2 with a beautiful B-! Throughout the semester I have been dangling between the 55-65% range, fearful that I would not get the necessary C- in order to continue onto Calculus 3. As a necessary intervention, I (temporarily) dropped my job to focus on my studies. Just a week and a half after making this decision, I was rewarded with a score of 81% on my Sequences and Series exam.

I am really hopeful that I will now be able to start keeping up on this blog more regularly, but considering I’m diving right into Calculus 3, a Monday-Friday summer course, starting tomorrow, I might still be verrrryyyy backed up on my blogging.

On another very exciting note, next Monday I am hopping a plane to Austin, TX to attend the 2016 UTeach Conference, hosted by the University of Texas, Austin! Although I will not be presenting, I did design a fabulous poster representing my program, NevadaTeach at the University of Nevada, Reno. I can’t wait to add this new experience to my professional portfolio! I hope that I will make some strong, new connections to my peers and others in my field.


Miss Phillips

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