Lessons Learned

It’s been a couple of weeks, and boy has a lot happened in that time!

The UTeach National Conference was a blast! It was a very informative experience. I had the opportunity to network with many of my peers, plenty of whom have already taken the upper-level UTeach courses. It was so thrilling having the chance to hear about their experiences and testimonies of their growth. I am more excited than ever to become a teacher. I am learning more each day about how to establish a classroom culture of engagement and respect, with much gratitude due to all those who put together the conference in order that I may meet with others in my field.

Another exciting change that is in the works is what I’m currently most excited for! About two months ago, I applied to my local community college for a position tutoring college math. This would be a great opportunity for me to develop my abilities to break down and conceptualize higher-level mathematical concepts in ways that make them easier to understand for those who are still new to the concepts. Now, I have been pretty anxious about this. Roughly three weeks after submitting my resume, a friend who works for the tutoring center informed me that his boss spoke to him and mentioned that they received my application and would likely be asking me to come in on a Saturday for an interview. I was thrilled! After another couple of weeks, my hope started deflating; however, just last week my Calculus 3 professor spoke to me after class and mentioned that he spoke to the woman in charge of hiring and personally recommended me! I take this as a high level compliment, and I’m really proud of my skills so far. Anyways, she informed him that they will be contacting me any week now for an interview! I can’t wait to see what opportunities the near future will hold!

One bittersweet yet still refreshing change implied by my upcoming new work opportunity is that I’ll have to put my current job on hold. Although I love substitute teaching, it’ll be a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about jumping around to five different schools in a week. Instead, my job would be right on campus, allowing me significantly more time to focus on my studies. It also means not having to master classroom management while I still have about three years left in my program!


More updates to follow!

Miss Phillips

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