Happily Anxious

Challenge: Day 2

“Write about one piece of technology that you would like to try this year, and why. You might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of this edtech integration.”

I won’t be doing a practicum this semester, but I’m hoping to see and possibly even experience more accessible technologies, such as Desmos or Plickers. The reason I’m fond of technologies such as these is because they don’t require an expensive iPad or laptop cart. Desmos can be used on students’ cellphones and Plickers requires only that the teacher has a cellphone! My hope is that with these technologies and others which are similar, the classroom can become a more playful and hands-on environment for the learners.

Engagement is a critical part of the classroom environment! Kids are learning machines and they can learn just about anything when given the right incentive. Anyone, adults and children alike, would fall asleep or lose focus in a drawling, uninteresting lecture; however, in an environment which gets you moving, thinking, and playing around, learning will happen naturally! Many teachers have told me that my goals and ideas are “unrealistic” or “impossible to achieve” but I strongly disagree. The goal is small. Sure, it will take consistent, unrelenting effort, but all that matters to me in the end is that I establish a safe, engaging environment in which my learners are not afraid to explore, play, and make mistakes.



My head is spinning already and the new college semester hasn’t even yet begun! I am still much happier since my Computer Science professor has been switched out to a professor from whom I seem to learn well! I am, however, quite stressed because one of my closest friends will be moving away this weekend. He will only be moving about 4 hours away, but I have become used to seeing him at least every other day. Because of this, it has been a very emotional and overwhelming week. He leaves the day before college starts back up, so I’m worried how I will fare on my first day of classes. I’m hoping they will be a pleasant distraction rather than an overwhelming one. Anyways, I can’t control everything in my world so onwards and upwards I shall go!


See you tomorrow!

Miss P. (:

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