Chaos = Accomplishment!


Have I been busy or what! I have several semi-new developments going on in my life:

Development #1:

I am thrilled to declare that I have finally been hired as a math tutor at my community college! This position is one which I have been boundlessly excited about all summer; however, due to many changes within their department, my early-summer application got lost in a whirlwind of craziness. I applied once more early last week and heard back almost immediately! I went in to meet with the coordinator on Monday and she hired me on-the-spot! Now for the most thrilling piece of information linked to this job:

Upon informing my math professor of the last two years about my hiring, he promptly responded, “Great! Now be my supplementary instructor for Math 127 (Trigonometry)”! This is a great honor to me because I have a profound level of respect for this professor. He is brilliant in both math and physics and has written many well-recognized mathematical publications. That he sees the ability in me to teach his students well is one of the highest honors I can imagine at this point in my early mathematical career!

Development #2:

I have also been hired as a peer mentor for my major program! Again, I am thrilled. Last week, my professors from my program approached me saying they will be offering new externships this semester, particularly ones for peer mentors within the program. I applied right away and a mere three days later, I was hired.

What does this position entail, you may wonder? Our program has two introductory courses, Step 1 and Step 2. In Step 1, students are introduced to teaching at the elementary level. Right away, they jump into classroom observations (typically with young learners between grades 3 and 4) and begin devising their first (of three) lesson plans. I was part of the inaugural class for my program, so I didn’t have peer support from those more experienced than I; however, my job is to be just that! I will be helping my new peers plan their lessons and will additionally be advising them on classroom management and instructional success. I am very excited to begin this journey!

Both of these are, of course, very large and time-consuming developments. Because of this, I will likely have to completely set my challenge on the sidelines (so early on, too); however, my academic success and learning are ever my priorities!

I will continue to share more as I delve ever-deeper into this wildly promising semester!


Miss P!



I’m certainly off to a poor start on my blogging challenge, but that’s okay! Why? Because I’ve been busy and productive throughout my absence!

Some exciting news:

In addition to substitute teaching, I’ve recently decided to re-apply to be a tutor at my community college. While I was collecting recommendations from my professors, one pulled me aside and asked, “Have we told you about the externships?” I was totally clueless and asked for more info. It turns out my professors are creating an externship program to hire students from my program, NevadaTeach, as tutors, peer mentors, and who knows what else! The professor I was speaking to explained that they would provide roughly 15 hours a week to each extern at about $10/hr! This is exactly the type of work I’m looking for, and how neat it would be to work on campus! Not only that, but to be able to help prepare all the new NevadaTeach students? I hope I can be so lucky!

Additionally, I recently contacted my professors to suggest creating a student Facebook page through which students can collaborate and discuss their various assignments and challenges as part of NevadaTeach. One professor responded, basically explaining that he intended for us to take ownership of the page. I now have admin rights! Now I need to find strategies for managing academic social media!

More later!

Miss P.