I’m certainly off to a poor start on my blogging challenge, but that’s okay! Why? Because I’ve been busy and productive throughout my absence!

Some exciting news:

In addition to substitute teaching, I’ve recently decided to re-apply to be a tutor at my community college. While I was collecting recommendations from my professors, one pulled me aside and asked, “Have we told you about the externships?” I was totally clueless and asked for more info. It turns out my professors are creating an externship program to hire students from my program, NevadaTeach, as tutors, peer mentors, and who knows what else! The professor I was speaking to explained that they would provide roughly 15 hours a week to each extern at about $10/hr! This is exactly the type of work I’m looking for, and how neat it would be to work on campus! Not only that, but to be able to help prepare all the new NevadaTeach students? I hope I can be so lucky!

Additionally, I recently contacted my professors to suggest creating a student Facebook page through which students can collaborate and discuss their various assignments and challenges as part of NevadaTeach. One professor responded, basically explaining that he intended for us to take ownership of the page. I now have admin rights! Now I need to find strategies for managing academic social media!

More later!

Miss P.


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