Chaos = Accomplishment!


Have I been busy or what! I have several semi-new developments going on in my life:

Development #1:

I am thrilled to declare that I have finally been hired as a math tutor at my community college! This position is one which I have been boundlessly excited about all summer; however, due to many changes within their department, my early-summer application got lost in a whirlwind of craziness. I applied once more early last week and heard back almost immediately! I went in to meet with the coordinator on Monday and she hired me on-the-spot! Now for the most thrilling piece of information linked to this job:

Upon informing my math professor of the last two years about my hiring, he promptly responded, “Great! Now be my supplementary instructor for Math 127 (Trigonometry)”! This is a great honor to me because I have a profound level of respect for this professor. He is brilliant in both math and physics and has written many well-recognized mathematical publications. That he sees the ability in me to teach his students well is one of the highest honors I can imagine at this point in my early mathematical career!

Development #2:

I have also been hired as a peer mentor for my major program! Again, I am thrilled. Last week, my professors from my program approached me saying they will be offering new externships this semester, particularly ones for peer mentors within the program. I applied right away and a mere three days later, I was hired.

What does this position entail, you may wonder? Our program has two introductory courses, Step 1 and Step 2. In Step 1, students are introduced to teaching at the elementary level. Right away, they jump into classroom observations (typically with young learners between grades 3 and 4) and begin devising their first (of three) lesson plans. I was part of the inaugural class for my program, so I didn’t have peer support from those more experienced than I; however, my job is to be just that! I will be helping my new peers plan their lessons and will additionally be advising them on classroom management and instructional success. I am very excited to begin this journey!

Both of these are, of course, very large and time-consuming developments. Because of this, I will likely have to completely set my challenge on the sidelines (so early on, too); however, my academic success and learning are ever my priorities!

I will continue to share more as I delve ever-deeper into this wildly promising semester!


Miss P!


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