My favorite…

To be quite honest,

I’ve spent the last hour sitting here and trying to decide: Which one favorite do I want to hone in on? The trouble is there are far too many things that I love about both teaching and learning, so why not encompass that in my response?

My absolute favorite thing about becoming a teacher is that I get to inspire lifelong learning through demonstrating my own passion for knowledge and understanding. Even back in middle school when I “hated” math (in actuality I just hadn’t been challenged enough previously), I knew I loved school. Given the option, I’d have chosen to be a “professional student” without question. I slipped, skipped, and danced through at least a dozen majors- Art, nursing, psychology, English, business… and many more- prior to a golden revelation: I should teach!

I’ve had my fair share of painstaking, non-engaging courses (direct instruction, I’m talking about you), yet I’ve never hated school. Although I may not have my own full-time class yet, and though I still have a couple years of undergrad studies left, I’m already witnessing the effect that my passion for the yet-undiscovered has on the learners I have taught so far!

I am determined to maintain a lifelong attitude of discovery-driven curiosity. I sincerely believe that is key to not only my success as a teacher, but also the opportunity for my future learners to reflect the same passion I have for lifelong learning and discovery.

Note: My apologies in advance for the sketchy readability and conciseness of this post. Ever the future teacher, I took on way too much today and am, quite frankly, exhausted! Of course, I really wanted to get on board with the #MTBoSblogsplosion, so here we go!

Thank you for reading!

Keegan Phillips