30 Day Blogging Challenge

As the new semester creeps ever-closer…

I have decided that I need to get a jump on my blogging! So far I’ve been vastly inconsistent with my posts, and so I’ve decided to try and discipline myself by attempting a blogging challenge. My hope is that I’ll be consistent with this challenge and, as a result, form a reflective blogging habit!

Challenge: Day 1

“Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you’d like to be!”

Strengthen my reflective practices by maintaining my blog.

I want to hold myself more accountable for my reflective practices. In the past, I have been lazy about this. Sure, I’d make time to pause and think about my methods; however, this year, I wish to make a much deeper, more thorough effort. I want to push myself to (and beyond) the limits of my current abilities as a teacher! I’m hoping that getting into the habit of blogging will better-stimulate my creative thinking and planning processes.

Improve my time management.

Between 3 math classes, a programming class, and a secondary education class, I’m going to be one verrryyyy busy girl. Throw part-time substitute teaching on top of all that and I have myself one hectic semester! There’s no way I’ll survive it all without carefully planning out a study routine and logging my workdays in a planner.

Maintain a work/school/life balance.

Having read the details within the above goal, I imagine this one is very self-explanatory. (:

Boost my teacher personality!

I am naturally more of an introvert but my absolute favorite kinds of teachers are those who aren’t afraid to be silly and boisterous! I wish to develop more of a playful nature as I teach rather than coming across as timid and quiet. I’ve already made a few strides in the right direction with this one, but I have many a mile yet to go!


Yesterday I found out something awesome! After months and months of absence, I returned to the school for which I substituted long-term. Everyone was excited to see me and told me I need to come back. Unfortunately, I am not currently planned as a long-term sub for them because of my busy school semester. Anyways, I stopped by the classroom of my favorite teacher. She was struggling with engagement last year, so I suggested she speak to my professor, who strongly emphasizes inquiry-based lesson design. I found out yesterday that she took my advice, ended up meeting with him for several hours to hash out her concerns, was sold on the methods behind inquiry-based lessons, signed up to be a mentor teacher (meaning she will host practicum students from my program), and is actively working towards integrating inquiry-based methods into her own classroom! I am stoked. I feel very proud that, although I have two years still left before I am a full-fledged teacher, I am already creating a ripple effect through sharing my pedagogy and ideas with other teachers!

Here’s to a great new semester!

Miss P. (:

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